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Ten People, Ten Questions


If I could meet ten people alive or dead of my choice I would choose …

1. Georgia O’keeffe Question: “What’s your favorite piece of artwork you created?”

2.Albert Einstein Question:”How does it feel to be a genius?”

3.Beethoven Question :”Can You Give Me one free piano lesson?”

3.Neal Armstrong Question:”Can I borrow your space ship?”

4.Katy Perry Question:”Can I play piano at your next live concert?”

5.Barak Obama Question: “Will you make school start at 10:00 ?”

6.Martin Luther king Jr. Question: “Can you read me the, I Have A Dream, speech?”

7.Grandpa David Question: “What is it like in heaven?”

8. God Question: “Why do you love us so much?”

9. Grandma Sandy Question:” Did they have slavery when you where alive?”

10. Rosa Parks Question:”How does it feel to be called the mother of the civil fights movment?”



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